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Supply multi-function direct hair furl hair dryer comb high power home hair style instrument set 10

Supply multi-function direct hair furl hair dryer comb high power home hair style instrument set 10

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  • Suggested retail price:¥118.00:
  • Brand:FULLCOM:
  • model:87010:
  • Item number:87010:
  • Handle folding:Foldable:
  • Speed ​​control gear:Second gear:
  • Wind mouth style:Collector mouth + diffuser:
  • Overheating protection:Have:
  • Rated voltage:220(V) :
  • rated power:Below 1000W (W) :
  • Motor:DC:
  • Heating wire:Spiral wire:
  • 3C certificate number:2017010709953116:
  • Whether foreign trade:no:
  • colour:White, red, blue, black:
  • Rated frequency:50:

Beautiful from the "head", the 10-in-1 versatile hair styling unit has multiple hairdressing parts, its hot air can penetrate deep into the roots, it can quickly dry your wet hair, and it can be easily created by flexible combination. All kinds of elegant and romantic hairstyles are a good helper for family hairdressing. In fact, the hairdressing room is moved back to the home. You are a hairdresser, so that you can create a beautiful and changeable hair without leaving your home. You are more confident and make you more beautiful, making you more beautiful and moving.

It also has a straight hair function, which is safer and more reliable than straight hair straightening  .

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Host function:


Please note:


1.  This hair dryer can be customized to 110V/220V (dual voltage). It is convenient to use in different countries with two voltages. It must be adjusted to local voltage before use, but it is easy to be mistaken if you are not familiar with it. The operation damages the machine, so if it is determined that only one type of voltage is used, do not select dual voltage. Double voltage should be increased by 2 yuan. If you need dual voltage, please contact customer service.


2  the domestic default hair 220V , if you need US 110V or European 220V please note.

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